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Regardless of how transparent some companies may seem, they're still in the business of making money, and learning everything about you can make them billions. In this article, we'll explain the technology that these applications use to listen in on you and how you can prevent them from accessing your smartphone or tablet's microphone.

Even if these apps aren't listening to all of your conversations, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Back in December , The New York Times published an article detailing how certain mobile gaming apps keep tabs on their users by listening to certain sounds through their smartphone's mic. Using software from a company known as Alphonso, which collects viewing data for advertisers, certain gaming applications can use your phone's microphone to learn what you watch, listening in the background for audio signals playing from your TV, including gaming consoles, TV shows, streaming programs, and advertisements.

The information is then analyzed and paired with your location yes, they can also track your location to learn which ads resulted in you going to a restaurant or retailer, for example. If you go to Alphonso's website, they even have a template for mobile app developers to copy and paste into their app descriptions, explaining how their apps integrated with Alphonso Automated Content Recognition "ACR" software can listen in on you. However, it is important to note three things: 1 audio samples don't leave your device, but are instead "hashed into digital audio signatures," 2 the ACR software does not "recognize or understand human conversations," and most importantly, 3 the software can only gain access to your phone's microphone with your consent.

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Editor's Note : As of the day this article was published, we could no longer find any applications using the ACR software to listen in on you in the App Store. Sadly, these malicious gaming apps aren't the only ones who could be listening in.

There is more going on here than you know about. Hear it. Are you hearing everything you should? A hearing aid. A spy device. Use your super-hearing as you see fit.


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