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Archived from the original on 6 March BBC News. Archived from the original on 14 November The law will vary from jurisdiction, and you should check with your local laws to verify, however, essentially, the law may not allow you to switch on a listening device, hide it, then abandon it to secretly tap into others' conversations without their consent, but the vast majoirty of these devices are conveniently and discreetly portable with generous battery lives.

Choose a model with voice-activated recording, and you have a virtually set-it-and-forget-it audio surveillance option sitting in your pocket that allows you to quietly begin recording before proceeding with your conversation without a second thought. Ultimately, each recorder can provide hours upon hours worth of crisp audio that stores conveniently in several versatile formats to suit any volume of available storage and function compatably with any playback platform.

The window to choose between simple trust and trusting with verification closes quickly.

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Good faith is a noble, optimistic concept that can leave high stakes to chance in any court of law without an undeniable legal proof of record. It only takes one communication breakdown with a trusted contractor, business partner or even a spouse to shatter relationships and leave established careers and future professional endeavors in ruin. We carry the 1 "Best Selection of Listening Devices" from shotgun microphones with recorders to listen through wall surface mics.

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Ranges vary from solid surfaces to distances up to feet. Audio Surveillance Equipment and Listening Devices come in all shapes and sizes.

Take a look at our great selection and let us know how we can help you capture the audio evidence needed. Easily record important meetings, conversations, phone calls using our voice activated recorders and audio surveillance devices.

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Audio surveillance has never been easier using any of these affordable devices. What is Your Question? Recently Viewed.

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Listening Devices

Click here to continue shopping. We have built our reputation on quality, reliability and performance at a fair price using the same suppliers as more expensive competitors and therefore, all our range of audio surveillance products are customised by our team of professionals to offer complete satisfaction.

Our spy recorder audio quality is unsurpassed in the field. Never again will you be restricted by range because GSM is a standard worldwide communications network you can now use to monitor and safeguard your vehicle, home, or office environment and to monitor the welfare of your property. GSM spy bug listening device with voice recording facility.